Sopper Sights

Traditionally shopping was considered to be the responsibility of the male in the family. With changing landscape of the retail environment and lifestyle of Pakistani consumers shopping dynamics have also changed drastically.
Shopping is more becoming a "Family Outing" and this trend is likely to grow even faster as we anticipate much higher rate of growth in retail modernization. With this advance, shopping decisions at retail shelf are likely to become more common (be it impulsive or otherwise). Eventually importance of POS, category display, OSD, in-store brand activation, consumer promotions is likely to be increased. Marketers are challenged to understand Shoppers better including each of the consumers' touch points at the retail outlet.

Shopper Sights
  • Is a unique tool to understand everything about your shoppers.

  • Take care of the local market sensitivities as most of the global shopper research models does not fit Pakistani market scenario.

  • Fits well on the Traditional Trade (General Stores/ Kiryana) shopping environment.

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