Brand Protection

Why Brand Protection:

One of the biggest challenges in today's environment and what could be the biggest loss of revenue for many organizations is counterfeiting or brand infringement. It is estimated that more than 7% of the global GNP is counterfeit sales. Ever increasing threats of brand infringement including; piracy, counterfeiting, diversion, and passing off continue to haunt brand owners. These brand infringements along with other infractions can trigger series of catastrophic implications for an organization. These consequences may include but not limited to:

  • Misleading consumers and exposing the organization to liability issues.

  • Diverting consumer to other brands thereby reducing revenues.

  • Falsely connecting corporate brands with illegal or offensive activities.

  • Even accidental abuses by authorized resellers or agents can lead to significant financial loses and potentially damage brand-consumer relationships.

Since intellectual property including trademarks/brands is one of the most significant assets of an organization, the importance of protecting brand has grown just as significantly.

How Brand Protection Works:

We follow a systematic approach which is based on back-tracking. Starting from identification of the Retail outlets where counterfeit is available the back-tracking lead us to the end node i.e. manufacturer/ importer of counterfeit/ grey imports.

Certainly this task can't be done through usual field interviewers due to the risk involved in investigating such a sensitive issue. We have developed a specialized team of intelligence professionals who have past experience of conducting such activities.

As a deliverable we provide complete profile of wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers and importers who are found involved in this illicit business.

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